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Working after Retirement

If you decide to return to work after retirement, please note that certain jobs are considered Disqualifying Employment under the Pension Plan. The Pension Fund will suspend and permanently withhold your monthly benefit for any month in which you are employed or self-employed in Disqualifying Employment. You must notify the Fund in writing within 15 days after starting any job that may be Disqualifying Employment, regardless of how many hours you plan to work or have worked. The Fund has the right to request additional information before making a ruling. As always, if you disagree with the Fund’s ruling, you have the right to appeal to the Board of Trustees.

» Post Retirement Employment Approval Form

Rules for Working after Retirement

Only if the work you do is not considered "disqualifying employment". There are different rules as to what is considered disqualifying, depending on your age.

Before Normal Retirement Date (usually age 65)

Disqualifying employment before your normal retirement date is

  • employment with any employer who pays in the Plan (a contributing employer), unless you are working less than 40 hours per month and the employer pays at a certain level on casuals or you are disabled from your covered job and work for the contributing employer in another capacity; or
  • employment with an employer who competes with a contributing employer.
After Normal Retirement Date until age 70½

Disqualifying employment after your normal retirement date is 40 or more hours of service in any employment or self-employment that is:

  • in an industry whose employees were covered by the Plan as of the earlier of the date you retire or your normal retirement date; and
  • in the same geographic area covered by the Plan as of the earlier of the date you retire or your normal retirement date; and
  • in a trade or craft (including supervisory work) in which you worked at any time under the Plan.
Age 70½ and after

When you reach age 70 and 6 months, you can work anywhere for as many hours as you want. There is no disqualifying employment once you reach that age.

How to determine if a job would be disqualifying

You should always contact the pension department at the Fund Office before you start working after retirement for a ruling on the employment. Pension Fund personnel can guide you on what is acceptable employment. If the Trustees previously approved the employment, the Fund Office will send you an approval for the work for your records. If it is unknown whether the work is acceptable, you will be asked to complete the Request for Post Retirement Employment Approval form which will then be submitted to the Trustees for their decision. You will be advised in writing of the Trustee's decision.

In all cases, if you begin working at another job after retiring under the Plan, you must notify the Trustees in writing that you have done so within 15 days of returning to work.

What happens if I work in Disqualifying Employment after I retire?

If you work in Disqualifying Employment after retiring under the Plan, your pension will be suspended. You are not due any pension benefits for any month you work in Disqualifying Employment. Therefore, you will have to pay back the money you received while working in the Disqualifying Employment.

You always have the right to appeal any suspension of your pension to the Trustees if you do not feel that your employment is disqualifying.