Teamsters Joint Council No. 83 of Virginia

Health & Welfare and Pension Funds

Short Term Disability Benefits

Eligibility Requirements

Short Term Disability is available if you meet certain requirements due to illness or injury not incurred on the job and are eligible for benefits.

If the disability is caused by an injury, benefits will start on the first day that you receive treatment by a physician after the date you last worked because of the injury. Please note, if the disability begins more than 90 days after the injury occurs that results in the disability, benefits will be provided under the same guidelines established for illness.

If the disability is caused by an illness, you must satisfy a waiting period before Short-Term Disability Benefits begin. The waiting period starts on the first day you receive treatment by a physician after the date you last worked because of the illness. The waiting period is 7 days (beginning with the date of the first treatment). Short Term Disability Income Benefits start on the eighth day.

Benefit Payments

Disability payments are mailed out every Wednesday, provided that all necessary information is received by the Fund Office the preceding Tuesday by 2:00PM.

Disability Forms

A Disability Claim Form must be submitted, including your statement of disability, treatment information from your doctor and a statement from your employer providing the date you last worked, and if applicable, the date you returned to work. The Fund may accept forms from your doctor's office in place of ours, provided the forms contain all the necessary information.

Additional Information

Long Term Disability is not offered by the Fund.

For more information regarding Short Term Disability benefits, consult your Schedule of Benefits.