Teamsters Joint Council No. 83 of Virginia

Health & Welfare and Pension Funds

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Teamsters Insurance Premium Reimbursement Fund

If you, or your spouse, are ever in need of health coverage and you meet the eligibility rules listed below, simply pay your premium to your provider and send a copy of the invoice to the Fund Office for reimbursement up to the monthly and lifetime limits specified in the chart below.

Participant Eligibility Rules

The following requirements must be met to be eligible for benefits from the Teamsters Insurance Premium Reimbursement Fund:

  • the Participant had contributions paid on his behalf for at least 312 collective weeks to the NLS-Teamsters Insurance Premium Reimbursement Trust and/or this Trust;
  • the Participant is not eligible for medical benefits under any group health plan (except for COBRA continuation under the Employer’s group health plan, HIPAA coverage under a state program or coverage available through the Marketplace as provided through the Affordable Care Act) or Medicare or Medicaid; and
  • the Participant is eligible for benefits as a retiree under his Employer’s Pension or Retirement Plan (whether as an Early, Normal, or Late retirement).
Spouse Eligibility Rules

Your spouse’s eligibility for benefits is dependent on whether or not the spouse is legally married to you on the date of your retirement. If your spouse lives outside of either the US or Canada or is active duty military, they are not eligible for benefits. In such cases and once your spouse returns to the United States or Canada or ceases to be active duty military, your spouse is eligible for benefits the month following the date of this change as long as they were legally married to you at the time of your retirement.

Contribution Rate Options

The table below shows the weekly contribution rates available. Please note the monthly benefit is the maximum amount paid whether the benefit is for the participant, spouse, or a combination of participant and spouse. The lifetime maximum is per person.

Weekly Contribution Monthly Benefit Lifetime Maximum
$3 $350 $6,300
$4 $475 $8,550
$5 $600 $10,800
$6 $725 $13,050
$7 $850 $15,300
$8 $975 $17,550
$9 $1,100 $19,800
Summary Plan Description