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Anthem Claims Information

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Effective April 1, 2021, prescription drugs administered in an outpatient medical setting with a billed amount of $15,000 or more require prior authorization in order to be considered a covered expense under the Plan.

Network Provider

Your medical network provider is Anthem BlueCross BlueShield.

Locate a Participating Provider

To find a participating provider, you may visit their website at

    Office Visit Benefit

    All charges incurred within the confines of an in-network doctor’s office are subject to the co-pay, with the exception of allergy injections. High cost services such as chemotherapy and surgery, are included.

    One Co-pay Per Day

    Only one co-pay is applicable if you are seen by multiple doctors the same day. If a specialist is seen, the higher co-pay will apply.

    In-Network Out-Patient Lab Benefit

    All in-network out-patient lab work is paid at 100%.

    Specific Preventative Care Procedures Paid at 100%

    In-network out-patient routine mammography, colonoscopy, EKG and bone density (under medical guidelines only) are all paid at 100% to promote early detection and wellness.

    Medical ID Card Request

    To request an Anthem identification card, please contact the Fund Office.

    Out-of-Network Claims

    To submit an out-of-network claim, download the form by clicking here. You must also attach an itemized statement with the claim. Your provider can supply you with the required information you will need for filing. Be sure the participant and patient information is listed correctly on the claim form and that it includes the identification number on the participant's medical insurance card. Please submit your claim form to the Fund Office by faxing to 804-288-3530 or mailing to 8814 Fargo Rd Suite 200 Richmond, VA 23229. Also please allow 6-8 weeks for processing time.

    Additional Information

    The calendar year deductible, co-pays, coinsurance, and other coverage amounts differ by plan.

    For more specific information regarding your medical benefits, consult your Schedule of Benefits.

    For information regarding claims processing and payments, click here.