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Cobra Continuation Coverage

COBRA, a federal law, allows you and your eligible dependents the option to temporarily extend health coverage if benefits terminate. The maximum amount of time you can extend your health coverage varies and depends on the reason coverage is lost.

When electing COBRA coverage, you may choose the benefit plan under which you were last covered or you may move to a less costly plan. Life insurance and disability are not included in the COBRA benefits, but COBRA does allow you to purchase either medical benefits plus dental and vision, as the plan provides. The cost to extend health coverage depends on the plan and package you select.

COBRA Qualifying Events

If one of the "qualifying events"; listed below occurs, you and/or your dependent must notify the Fund Office. We will accept notice of termination of employment or a reduction in hours from your employer through a timely filed contribution report. Notification of the qualifying event must be in writing (email or fax is accepted) and received by the Fund Office within 60 days of the date the event occurred. If we do not receive notification within the 60 day time limit, the right to COBRA continuation coverage for this qualifying event is no longer available.

For Active Participants
  • Divorce
  • Loss of Qualifying Child status (i.e. turns age 26)
  • Death of employee
For Retiree Participants Under Plan Schedule ZR
  • Divorce
  • Separation (in cases involving a participant's stepchild)
  • Loss of Dependent Status (i.e. at age 19, or age 23 if a full time student)
  • Retiree Spouse's Death
  • Retiree Spouse's Entitlement to Medicare
Benefit Options Plan 9 Plan 9 ACME Plan 9NG Plan 9 Series II Plan 11 Plan 11 Series II Plan 11NG Plan 12 Plan 12 Series II
Core and Non-Core $1,365 $1,365 $1,365 $1,365 $1,526 $1,526 $1,526 $1,526 $1,526
Core Only $1,306 $1,306 $1,306 $1,306 $1,428 $1,428 $1,428 $1,428 $1,428

Please note: COBRA payments are due the first day of the month for which coverage is purchased. However, there is a 30 day grace period.

To request a package including additional COBRA information and the cost to continue your coverage, click here.

Additional Healthcare Coverage Options

You should also consider visiting the Health Insurance Marketplace website at You may find that you can get the coverage you need at a lower cost.