Teamsters Joint Council No. 83 of Virginia

Health & Welfare and Pension Funds


Important Notice from Horizon Actuarial Services, Inc.

Horizon Actuarial Services, Inc., which provides actuarial services to the Teamsters Joint Council No. 83 Pension and Health & Welfare Funds, was the victim of a data breach in November 2021 which may have affected the personal information of participants in the funds and/or of their spouses and dependents. Potentially affected individuals should have received a letter from Horizon concerning the breach and what they can do to protect themselves from potential misuse of their data. For further information, please visit Horizon’s website notice concerning the breach by clicking here. Any questions should be directed to the telephone numbers included in the Horizon website notice or in the letter you received from Horizon.

Important Notice about Retiree Health Benefits for Single Coverage

If you have single coverage you may notice a difference in your Pension benefit beginning July 1, 2022. You may verify what your rate is by going to the Health & Welfare page, scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on Retiree Benefits. There you will see the past rates and the new lower single rates.

Important Notice about the Fund Office Phone System

New Phone System: You may notice that things are a little different when you next call into us! We have implemented a new automated phone system that allows you to self-direct to the department you need to speak with. And please don’t worry, you are still connecting to people ready to answer your questions and to help you.

Important Pension Notice

You may notice your Pension benefit went up this month as we implemented the new federal tax schedule. If you would like to make changes to your current tax withholding, you may download the W4-P form by clicking here or call our office and we will be happy to mail the form to you. Once completed, please submit the form to our office.

Note: The W4-P form has been significantly changed. If you need help completing the form, we advise you to please contact your tax expert.

Important Disability Notice

The fund is now offering direct deposit as an alternative payment method for members on short term disability. If you are interested in receiving future payments via direct deposit, please complete the STD EFT form found here and return it to the Fund Office with a copy of a voided check. Please contact the Fund Office for any additional information.

About Us

The Teamsters Joint Council No. 83 of Virginia Funds provide healthcare and/or retirement benefits to Teamster union members and their families predominantly residing in Virginia.

The Funds are multi-employer trust Funds and are administered by three Union Trustees and three Management Trustees. The Union Trustees are appointed by the Teamsters Joint Council No. 83 of Virginia and the Management Trustees are appointed by Transport Employers Association. The primary duties of the Trustees are to operate the Funds for the sole benefit of the participants and to manage the assets of the Funds in a sensible manner.

The Fund Office, located in Richmond, VA is comprised of 26 employees and serves the members of Teamster Local Unions 22, 29, 71, 101, 171, 322, 592 and 822 and their families.

Management Trustees
W. Robert Davidson (Bob)
William A. Nations (Tony)
James I. Bowers (Jay)
Union Trustees
John D. Farrish
James R. Smith (Jim)
James A. Wright
Executive Director
Mike Davis, CEBS